Volume 1 Issue 1 – Original Research

Volume 1 Issue 1

Pages 1-44 (August 2019)

Volume 1 Issue 1 Cover
Assoc. Prof. Elfahmi, Apt.
Managing Editors
Dr. rer. nat. Agus Chahyadi
Hubbi Nashrullah Muhammad, M.Si.
Sandy Akbar Nusantara, S.T.

Selection of bacteria inducing calcium carbonate precipitation for self-healing concrete application

Ridwan Syarif, Intan Nurul Rizki, Ridho Kresna Wattimena, Siti Khodijah Chaerun


A modification of bacterial medium using calcium lactate pentahydrate was developed for calcium carbonate precipitation. A total of five strains of bacteria were cultivated on the solution medium containing nutrient broth and calcium lactate pentahydrate. In this study, the variation of 3.2 mM and 16.2 mM of calcium lactate pentahydrate was used to obtain the optimum condition for bacterial growth. The results showed that isolated strains CPB 1, CPB 3, and CPB 5 with medium containing nutrient broth and 3.2 mM calcium lactate pentahydrate gave the optimum growth, pH and Eh, thus being favourable for the process of calcium carbonate precipitation. Hence, this will be useful for self-healing concrete.