Editorial and Peer Review Process

Editorial Procedure

Each article received is evaluated by the Editor-in-Chief. The articles that do not meet the Author Guidelines are returned to the authors. Contributions that qualify for further consideration are further processed for editorial review. The estimated time from submission to the first decision is 6-8 weeks. Authors are usually given 4 weeks for necessary revision.

The Editor-in-Chief has full authority over the whole editorial process and decision-making on the acceptance of an article.

Peer-Review Policy

Articles that meet the scope and author guidelines of Current Research on Biosciences and Biotechnology are subjected to a double blinded peer-review process in which both the reviewer and author remain unknown to each other. All articles are reviewed by at least two peer-reviewers. Each author may suggest up to three reviewers and point out reviewers that the author wishes not to be invited as the reviewer. Editors are not obliged to adhere to author’s suggestions. The assignment of reviewers is decided according to the subject of the article.

In order to improve the peer-review process and maintain high quality reviews, all peer-reviewers are encouraged to adhere to the Reviewer’s Check List while reviewing the article.

Authors' Appeal

All authors are welcome to submit an appeal if they feel there were indiscretions during the submission process or if they do not agree with Editor-in-Chief’s decision. It is Editor-in-Chief’s responsibility to response based on the editorial policy in a timely manner. All appeals can be mailed to the Editor-in-Chief of Current Research on Biosciences and Biotechnologyeditor-in-chief@crbb-journal.com